Super Glow Flasher


I designed this flasher to rotate in a 360 degree radius at the rear end. This is approximately six times larger than what the front end rotates. This creates somewhat of a funnel configuration. The end result is a whipping effect on your bait or lure if used with a 40″ or shorter or tail leader. I also designed this flasher with beveled edges in order give out more prisms like a crystal.

There is no other flasher with beveled edges on the market today.

This state of the art flasher has also been designed with three eyelets in the butt end. You will have three different actions on your bait or lure if a tail leader of 40 inches or less is used. The far outside eyelet has a faster whipping action than the inside eyelet, which is considerably slower. The middle eyelet is a compromise between both end eyelets.

Our holographic tape is designed for both salt water and fresh water use. We have had numerous reports that our flasher will out catch our competition 3 to 1 or better.

We use Ball Bearing Swivels, the best and most expensive in the world today. We also use Coast Lock Snaps to make it easy to change from one flasher to another without ever having to cut your line.

Additional information


8", 11"

Super Glow Color

Blue, Purple, Chartreuse

Tape Color

Transparent Moon Jelly, None