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Daisy Chain 3ft, 3 fish of 4"

  • Product Code: Daisy Chain 3ft, 3 fish of 4"
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This product has multiple uses for fishing applications. I designed it so that it becomes a 3-D bait fish when it is used. Take one and flick it with your finger while holding the BALL BEARING Swivel. You will see that it becomes a 3-Dimensional Bait Fish. Just imagine a school of bait fish with your favorite bait or lure attached to the butt end of this Daisy Chain. The way you want to fish with the Daisy Chain is to put it in the water next to your boat, and while watching it, jack up your boat speed to such a point that the Daisy Chain becomes 3-Dimensional, ascertain what speed or RPM your boat is going. Now you will know that this is what the Daisy Chain is doing when you are at various depths which are out of your visual sight. Play with your boat speed by reducing down your speed from the RPM or 3-D speed. Remember that you need to try different boat speeds. Speed is critical to the successful use of this product. Once you ascertain what speed works for you, then continue to use that speed. You should experiment with lengths of tail leaders as well. I personally prefer a shorter tail leader (ie: 18" - 24"). This can vary as well. For jigging purposes, if the weight is below the Daisy Chain, the Daisy Chain will turn clockwise when you jig upwards. It will reverse itself going back down (counterclockwise) on its descent to the bottom. If the weight is in front of the Daisy Chain it will always turn clockwise. For trolling, this Daisy Chain is a great Fish Catcher. Remember to play with your boat speed & tail leader lengths. The Daisy chain may also be attached to your downrigger ball. Then attach a stacker release 3-4 feet above ball and run bait or lure separate from Daisy chain. This method can also be used with our Models DF-8 and DF-11.
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