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Rotary Bullet bait holder

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The bait holder kit

Here's how to assemble the bait holder.

1. First, thread the line through the plastic tubing.

2. Run the monofilament line through eyelet on middle tooth of the bait holder

3. Feed the line straight out through the nose of the bait holder.

4. Clip the bait holder onto the nose of the fish. The rubber band will hold the plastic teeth into the bait. Make sure the eyes are uncovered!

There is a right way:

And the WRONG way:

5. Finally, tie a swivel onto the end of the line.

Hooks in the bait

Or hooks Floating Free

Proper placement of a Mini

1. Do not put bait into baitholder past eye socket of baitholder.

2. Do not connect hook to bait..4ot long shaft hook works great have it running flush at end of bait.

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